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AUVA (Austrian Workers Compensation Board) Hand Injury Prevention Campaign "Hände gut - alles gut" goes live in Austria


First Aid App from AUVA (Austrian Workers Compensation Board)

As the Injuries in Leisure Time are highly increasing a "Circle for Leisure Time Hand Injury Prevention" was founded in 2014.

The Circle worked out a concept for the reduction of the those injuries. Measures therefore will be to strenghten the awareness of risks in sports- and leisure time acitivities like ice skating, skateboarding, climbing, cycling, inline skating, snowboarding, etc.

1st action at Wiener Eistraum 2015 (Vienna Ice Dream 2015)

Vienna offers a few places for ice skating. One of those will be newly installed every year from November till March at the famous Rathausplatz in front of the town hall of Vienna.

As the consequence of fall during ice skating often runs out with hand injuries like..... the Circle started an activity together with the Orthopaedic Company Schaper who provided special hand protectors for ice skating. The protectors have been rented to the ice skating participants. The participants where extremly interested and most of them would by a protector by themselves as well.

Those actions will be repeated as an Ice-Rallye during Austria at the next season.

Furthermore we are planning a few events in order to reduce the spare time injuries.

Reports will be posted here ....