Since the Austrian Hand Surgery Society established several Working Groups to prevent Hand Injuries based on a concept which was worked out by Dr. Martin Leixnering (OEGH President) and Andrea Stanek (AMACI CEO & Association Manager of OEGH), FESSH and HTC asked to host the 3rd European Hand Injury Prevention Congress in Vienna.

Hence we are very glad to provide you with information regarding the congress via this Website.


Scientific Comittee

Bruno Battiston (HTC of FESSH, Italy)
Robert Bauer (KfV, Austria)
Riccharda Böttcher (HTC of FESSH, Germany)
Tufan Kaleli (HTC of FESSH and President Turkish Hand Injury Society, Turkey)
Martin Leixnering (OEGH / HTC of FESSH, Austria
Zsolt Szabo (FESSH, Hungary)
Christian Schenk (AUVA, Austria)
Peter Vavken (AUVA, Austria)